Massage Therapy

Most people think of massage as part of integrative medicine. It is becoming more and more common for medical centers to offer it as a treatment along with standard care. It can be used to treat a lot of different health problems.

Who can have a Massage?

  • Adults of all ages and just about any physical condition who wants to Recover, Prevent, and Maintain their health can benefit from Massage Therapy.
  • Pregnant Women can benefit from Massage Therapy to relieve fatigue, soreness, edema, and other discomforts.
  • Parents who massage their infants gain a bond and trust with the babies and can help ease or cure simple issues without medications or frequent trips to the doctor.
  • Special Needs, Hyperactive children, and children with Autism respond very well to Massage’s calming touch.
  • Athletes can receive Massage before or after a workout to prepare the muscles for extreme use, repair injuries, and enhance their muscles’ abilities.

Many times, a massage can be modified to compensate for certain conditions, but it is always best to ask a doctor if a questionable condition is present.