Dear Floyd and Staff,

I am writing to let you know about the monumental difference I felt in my arthritic thumb joints after having only two treatments with your Pro Adjuster.

My thumbs have been giving me severe pain toward the wrist area for over the last five years. It’s gotten increasingly worse over time to the point that I have to ask my wife to screw the tops off water bottles and Gatorade bottles for me as well as the guys I work with. The pain got so bad that a year ago I made an appointment with an orthopedic doctor to get them looked at. He took X-rays of each hand and promptly showed me how I had developed severe arthritis in those thumb joints at the wrist. His only solution was to surgically remove tendons from my wrist and relocate them through the thumbs eliminating some thumb joint movement towards the distal end but assuring me the pain would be resolved. After having a total knee replacement two years ago and a total ankle replacement last June on the same leg, I thought it best, that if I wanted to continue to stay employed, with much needed health insurance, I’ll put up with thumb pain as long as I can stand it.

After my daughter and son have visited you with such great success with your Pro Adjuster machine, I thought what the heck…It might be able to help not just my neck and back out but maybe my thumb pain, too.

Here I am two adjustments later and I can make a fist for the first time with my left hand in almost five years. The right hand isn’t there yet but I can move my thumb around like I couldn’t before for that same time period. I have no doubt that this improvement is progressive…as it didn’t happen overnight for it to get that bad, it might take a little time before I’m back in fighting shape at the ripe young age of 60.

Thanks Floyd, for keeping an eye out for new innovative ways for getting the human body to get back on track.

Your friend for over 25 years,

John Vase

I never would have guessed that eczema could be treated with chiropractic care, but to my amazement, I was proven wrong. After several long and agonizing years of watching my child suffer from severe eczema, I am more than excited share my story about the journey I have taken to find the answer to this terrible problem. Fortunately, I have a wonderful chiropractor who has eliminated this burden from my son’s life.

I have three sons ages ten, seven, and two. When my ten year old was born he had a mild case of eczema. I asked the doctors at his check ups if there was something I could do for him. Each time I was told not to worry because he would grow out of it. I simply accepted this response and did nothing. However, when my second son was born he had a much more severe case of eczema. His skin was completely rough like an alligator. It was bumpy, red, and blotchy. Further, it was very painful for my child. I asked several doctors what I should do to help him. They gave me several ‘solutions’ to the problem. They suggested using lotions without perfumes. I tried this and watched him cry from the burn that they caused. Some doctors told me to give him oatmeal baths. I tried this remedy but nothing changed. Others recommended giving him a bath and instead of drying him off, lathering him with non-perfumed lotion. Again, nothing changed, but the lotion burned. I was even given prescriptions for special lotions and creams, but they did not help. I tried everything I could find over the counter, but nothing helped my poor little boy. My son would get so broken out that he would scratch until he would bleed. It was so painful that he couldn’t sleep at night. So I started giving him Benadryl to help stop the itching. That seemed to help with the irritation, but it did not eliminate or even help the eczema. He was on the benadryl at least once a day every day. I couldn’t stand the thought of my son on this medication forever. I desperately needed another solution and knew someone had to know how to help him.

A short time later I went to Dr. Huxford to get my back adjusted. I decided to ask him if he knew of anything that might help my son. I thought maybe he could research it for me, but to my amazement, he immediately provided solutions I’d never heard. He told me that I should rub him down with pure virgin olive oil for a few weeks and start giving him fish oil. Dr Huxford started chiropractic adjustments on my son and gave him chewable fish oil pills. Within one week the blotchy skin started to disappear. I couldn’t believe what was happening. My child was no longer scratching and crying about the burn. He started sleeping better at night too. I was astonished at the results. My little boy is no longer is taking Benadryl; he no longer breaks out; and his skin is finally smooth to the touch. I still can’t believe the incredible and almost miraculous change in my son after seven years of suffering.

I want to sincerely thank Dr. Huxford for his knowledge and for the compassion he has shown my family. I also wish to express my gratitude for his professionalism. I am a firm believer in chiropractic care and can truly say that Dr. Huxford cares about his patients. He has done more for my little one than I ever dreamed possible. Thank you so much, Dr. Huxford.

Janell Flack

My name is Debbie Eversole, and I have has a history of back pain mainly concentrated in my right hip. Symptoms have included an inability for me to sleep on that hip as well as continuous pain and stiffness. Since I have been a patient of Dr. Huxford, my hip pain is almost non-existent. Through Dr. Huxford’s care, including adjustments and massage therapy I have acquired flexibility, and am now able to sleep through the night on my right hip pain free.

Along with Dr. Huxford’s quality health care, I am very pleased with the personal service I receive. Both the doctor and staff are more than willing to answer all of my questions and make each and every appointment as comfortable and beneficial as possible.

I would recommend Dr. Huxford to anyone who was suffering from any type of chronic back pain who was in need of adjustment. Both for the care and service provided at Huxford Chiropractic Clinic.”

Debbie Eversole

When I was born I had a stoke which affected the right side of my body. Because of this I had a constant limp in my right foot. My foot also turned in. In December of 2004, I started getting numb tingling pain in my right toes. Over the next month it began to get worse so I decided to go see a foot doctor. Without any x-rays, this doctor prescribed an anti-seizure medication for me, stating that I had nerve damage and that this would help. I was a little concerned about taking this medication, thinking that it do little to help my pain. My father then suggested that I go to our family chiropractor to see what he could do for me. After mentioning to Dr. Floyd Huxford what my foot doctor had prescribed, he was also concerned that the seizure medication would do nothing for my pain except cause unhealthy problems. After examining and x-raying my foot, Dr. Huxford decided to take a more natural approach. He readjusted my right foot, which relieved the pain in my toes. He also helped me not to limp, as well as molded my foot for my shoe so that my foot would not turn in as much. I have been going to Dr. Huxford for 4 months now and he has made a remarkable difference in the way I walk. I don’t have any more pain in my foot, my limp has decreased greatly, and my foot does not turn in as much. Without Dr. Huxford’s help, the pain in my foot would of gotten worse and would still be locked up for what would be 19 years of my life.

Lindsay Garica

Rena Wittwer - A Chiropractic Skeptic Is Converted

As I sit and write this today, I can only think of how grateful I am that people can make drastic changes to beliefs that have been theirs for many years. Such a change has taken place for me recently. I’d like to share this experience for a few reasons. First, I owe a great debt of gratitude to Dr. Huxford, so will send this to him in hopes that he can share it with others. Second, I want others to know that I am now a believer of chiropractic care. Finally, I want to be able to let others see that sometimes, we all need to think outside the little boxes in which we live. Dr. Huxford changed the life of my precious little baby, but that is only the beginning!

I start my story by first expressing my deep fear of chiropractic care. I’d always believed that because chiropractors didn’t have a “medical degree” they couldn’t be trusted as “doctors.” I didn’t think that what they did was natural, and actually believed that their work was counterproductive. This is of course an absurdity I was able to discover for myself in December, 2006.

My second baby was born in mid August, 2006. She was born fussy. On her first day in this world, she cried when ever I’d leave her to use the restroom. She was a very hard newborn as well. She just cried so much. I was, and still am, a firm believer in Dr. Harvey Karp’s “cuddle cure” or “5 S’s” and used them constantly. They almost always worked, but this was just a temporary fix. I’m not a believer of colic, so continued these S’s faithfully, but after four months of tight swaddling, and serious bouncing all day long, I was exhausted. I never did get to just sit and snuggle with my little baby. If I tried to hold her over my shoulder, she’d arch her back and scream. She could keep up the fussiness for at least eight hours a day. Although I’m against “drugging” my child, I finally resorted to mylicon to try to fix the problem. It didn’t seem to help either. I took her to our pediatrician, a woman I truly trust, and was told she was just fussy and her problem was temperament. I was also told she’d eventually grow out of it. I started waiting for that day to come. The poor little baby almost lived in her swing, because she’d scream if I tried to put her in bed for naps. She’d only sleep in her bed for the first chunk of the night. After feeding her in the middle of the night, I had to put her in her swing if I wanted her to get back to sleep at all. Needless to say, we kept Duracell in business. Her dad and I were completely frustrated and didn’t know what to do. An acquaintance who saw the baby frequently told me that two of her four children were like that, and that she took them to a chiropractor. I of course thought I’d never consider that, but got desperate. We headed to Wyoming for the holidays, and my mother in law had an appointment with Dr. Huxford. He told her he’d be happy to take a look at her grandchild. I decided to try it out, still very skeptical.

As I walked in to the room with my mother in law and met Dr. Huxford, I told him that I was, “terrified to be here.” He didn’t seem too appreciative of my greeting, but I wanted to make sure he knew that I didn’t quite trust him yet. I sat and watched as he adjusted my mother in law with his pro adjuster machine, and didn’t see him manually adjusting her, a practice which I thought to be unnatural. When he’d finished adjusting her, I decided to let him check my baby with his machine. He did and showed me how incredibly far out of alignment her neck was. Her neck was very tight, which explained why she’d only let me hold her in one position. He knew it was tight after just feeling her, but for me to see what I saw on that machine completely amazed me. Then he worked on adjusting her. She cried, but that was normal. I was still a little skeptical. He told me to bring her back in the next day, which was a Saturday. He was going to make a trip in to his office just for my baby. It was then that I realized he really wanted to help my little girl. I took her back to Grandma’s house, fed her, and put her to bed, but something was different. As I laid her down, she didn’t scream. She was awake, in her bed, not screaming. I’d never before see her behave this way. When she got up, her dad held her on his lap for over an hour. NEVER had we been able to just sit and hold her for more than a few minutes. She didn’t really even fuss at all for the rest of the day. Instead, she was smiley and playful. She’d never been so cheerful. It brings tears to my eyes just to sit here and remember the day that my baby changed. I couldn’t believe my eyes! She was a completely different baby.

I returned to Dr. Huxford the following day, explained what had happened, and he just smiled. He did another adjustment on her, this time without her screaming. Then I asked if he’d adjust me too. I’d never been to a chiropractor and wondered for myself what a difference it would really make. He agreed and took some x-rays. Then he adjusted my neck and back. I left his office feeling fantastic. Never had I had so much range of motion in my neck. As my mother in law cut my hair that evening, she told me to duck my head down. I could put my chin clear down on my chest for the first time. She noticed that I’d never ducked my head so far in the 7 years she’d been cutting my hair. It was amazing.

Our next appointment was set for Tuesday, as Monday was Christmas Day. This time I got adjusted again, my baby got adjusted again, and I added my two year old to the list. She’d been complaining that her ear was hurting. She’s gotten a few ear infections before, and I’d been told that Dr. Huxford could fix them. He checked my two year old, adjusted her, and then popped her ear. It did hurt, but that night, when she got up in the middle of the night, she said to her grandmother, “Dr. Hux needs to fix my other ear.” He did so again on Thursday at our final appointment where the three of us were adjusted again for the final time before heading back to Arizona. Although we spent some serious time of our vacation in Dr. Huxford’s office, it was well worth it!

Our little baby caught a cold on our way back home to Arizona, but she is pretty easy to handle. A month ago she would have been unbearable, but now, even in pain, she just smiles away. I am finally able to REALLY enjoy my precious baby. Some may think that she simply grew out of her fussy phase, but no one can convince me that a baby can make this drastic of a change literally within hours! Her fussy behavior didn’t just phase out, it stopped suddenly after her first visit to Dr. Huxford. I am finally able to take her shopping and leave her in her car seat in the cart, something I’d never enjoyed. I’d always had to carry her because she’d scream in her car seat. She is just a happy baby now. I will forever be grateful for Dr. Huxford and what he’s done not only for my baby, but for my whole family. Our home is a happier home, now that our baby isn’t our little screamer anymore. Although Dr. Karp’s cuddle cure works, Dr. Huxford truly made my baby, “The Happiest Baby on the Block.””

About a year later we received this letter from Rena to let us know how she was doing.

“Hello Dr. Huxford,

How are you? All is well here in Arizona. I have a funny story to share with you. I thought you’d enjoy it.

Little Lexi is now 18 months old. She is a very active toddler who runs all day long. And I thought I was tired after bouncing her for the first 4 months of her life! We’ve also been teaching her sign language, so she can easily communicate her needs to us instead of crying and hoping we’ll figure it out. Her favorites are the signs for eat, milk, and more please. I take her and her 3 year old sister to the chiropractor regularly. At our last visit to Dr. Switzer, she was enjoying her adjustment, and when Dr. Switzer was finished she said “all done”, a phrase that Lexi has a sign for. Lexi responded with the appropriate sign, but then protested with her “more please” sign. We all laughed away. It does make me wonder though if she still remembers that machine fixing her so long ago. I wouldn’t think so, but she sure does love it. She gets pretty excited each time we go in there. I am also pleased to report that her neck is finally doing pretty well. It is not the spot where she is out most of the time. Now her lower back gets the brunt, I assume because of her walking and falling lots. Anyway, I again thank you for helping me see that chiropractic care is what my baby needed! I can’t even imagine the last year without it.

I hope all is well with you and your family. Please tell your office crew hello for me.


Meg Frost - ADD/ADHD

My son was diagnosed with ADD/ADHD the year he began kindergarten. This was of course after the teacher thought he may have a hearing problem because he wasn’t “hearing” her. We took him to an ear specialist for an evaluation. The test showed everything to be normal. The teacher then felt it might be a visual problem since he couldn’t focus on his papers or projects. The eye exam showed everything to be normal also.

We then had him evaluated at the pediatrician’s office, he was prescribed a medication to help him with his behaviors. This only made his behaviors worse. We increased the dose and decreased the dose of his medications still nothing change. We changed the medication and the cycles continued. Along with the different medication came the need for other medications to help with the side effects of the original medication. Some of the side effects were depression, constipation, and sleeplessness. They suggested counseling to deal with the depression and the behaviors. The school counselor was also involved.

By the time my son reached the first grade his behavior and self control was still an issue. There was another (3) three changes in medication and the last change was accompanied with an anti-depressant. My sons behaviors hit and all time high after that! He was breaking toys, cutting up his favorite shirt and had temper tantrums that would put a two year old to shame.

As a last plea for help I called the pediatrician and it was suggested that I admit my 7 year old to a youth institution for an evaluation for 4 to 6 weeks. My only thought was there was no way that I was going to leave my child alone with strangers for 4 to 6 weeks! During this time I was seeing Dr. Huxford and I asked for his advice on my son. The next day we scheduled an appointment for him to see Dr. Huxford. Dr. Huxford took x-rays of my son’s back. The x-rays showed that his neck had a reversed curve and had other problems with his spine. Dr. Huxford suggested that I take him off all dairy products and sugar, he also suggested that I add Omega 3 (fish oils) in addition to his daily vitamins. His favorite snacks were yogurt and chocolate milk!

I did as Dr. Huxford suggested and within a week the unwelcome behaviors stopped. I called the school to see how my son was doing. The school counselor reported that the new medication was finally working and he was now focusing on his school work, controlling himself and was now a peer leader in his group. She could not say enough on how his behaviors had improved. I told her that I took him off all of his medications and dairy products. Needless to say she was shocked on what I had done.

I am so thankful for what Dr. Huxford did for my son. It has change his life as well as my family’s life. It has been almost 2 years since my son was diagnosed. He has improved immensely in school and his behaviors are no longer a concern. We have regular appointments with Dr. Huxford and it makes all the difference in the world for my son

Alice Van Vleet - Constipation/Bowel Problems

I need to tell you about the experience I had with my son at Dr. Huxford’s office.

I have been exposed to chiropractic most of my life. I had the opportunity to have adjustments growing up. I was an athlete and having adjustments to me in top shape with athletics really helped me.

My son has suffered from stomach and bowl problems since he was born. I have taken him to several doctors but they just tell me to give him laxatives and plenty of fiber in his diet. They have never taken any tests to see what it is that was wrong with him. He would only have a bowel movement every four days on a good week and sometimes go two weeks without one.

He is now four years old. I was visiting Rock Springs with my mom when my son became very sick with his stomach and bowel problems. He goes from a normal child into a very sick little boy. He would not eat or even try to go to the bathroom, it made him very uncomfortable, he gets to the point where he is doubled over in pain and is very pale and tired, he will not converse with anyone not even myself.

My mom suggested that we get him right over to see Dr. Huxford. I took her advice and got him in right away. Dr. Huxford adjusted, while he was lying on the adjusting table while Dr. Huxford was adjusting him he relaxed and let Dr. Huxford do what he needed to do, he liked it, it felt good to his little body. Before we left the office my son who was carried into the office was walking upright, had color back in his cheeks and this shy boy gave Dr. Huxford a high five when leaving. On the way home he asked for something to eat and as soon as we got home he went to the bathroom. This has never happened before! I took him back to see Dr. Huxford the next day to have another adjustment. Dr. Huxford recommended that I take him off all dairy and as many sweet’s as possible and to have him drink lots of water and to continue with regular chiropractic care. I have done as Dr. Huxford has recommended and have seen a big difference in this little four year old boy. He no longer has to be embarrassed about his problem and has great ease going to the bathroom on a regular basis. He no longer has stomach aches, runny noses or any congestion.

I knew chiropractic worked for my spine and kept me healthy to perform at my best. What I didn’t know as how it could effect all of the organs of my body. I am so thankful that I had someone introduce me to chiropractic care and to know that it helped my son.

Thank you Dr. Huxford.

Laurie Barton - TMJ

My name is Laurie Barton and I have been suffering with TMJ for approximately 19 years. I have worn a mouthpiece when I go to bed for years. I originally wore a “nightguard” that was custom made by a local dentist’s office. I lost it and when I tired to get another I found that insurance would only pay for one appliance per individual per lifetime. Because my symptoms were so severe my dentist referred me to an orthodontist who custom made another appliance called a sagittal pallette expander, I paid $2,800 out of pocket for this appliance. My symptoms included: grinding my teeth at night, headaches, clicking in my jaw when talking, chewimg, laughing or yawning, tight/sore muscles in my jaw, face, neck and shoulders.

I began chiropractic treatment for this problem and have been amazed at the results. In less than two months I have experienced a drastic improvement in all of my symptoms. The headaches have decreased and are much less severe. The clicking in my jaw is much less frequent. The muscles in my jaw, neck and face are nowhere near as tight as they had been for years. This problem was interfering with my life in ways I had not realized. I feel very fortunate and relieved to have received care from Dr. Floyd Huxford and his compassionate and professional staff of the Huxford Chiropractic Office.

Thank you so much!

Isela Small - One Happy Girl

I’d like to share with you a story that perhaps might help you or someone you know. I was in a car accident and this caused me lower back pain; little did I know I just needed the right adjustment with the right doctor. I was in pain for 2 years. I would get 3 to 4 cortisone shots in my back every year. I had two orthopedic doctors tell me that I would need to have surgery. I was depressed and lost a lot of sleep because this changed my life. I asked myself, “Have I have been fortunate to have a healthy lifestyle and was I able to exercise, so how can this be possible.” Well, I heard of Dr. Huxford and that the pro-adjuster was noninvasive, so I said, “If it doesn’t hurt what have I got to lose?” After the first treatment I felt a great amount of improvement. I wanted to cry because I finally got some relief. I couldn’t believe it. I have been in several times and I am happy to say, I feel great. Thanks to Dr. Huxford and his helpful staff. I will always believe in Chiropractic care!

P.S. Please don’t jump into surgery!

Emanuel L. Nations - Chronic Low Back Pain

I’m taking the time to write this letter so you will know how much I appreciate all you and your staff have done for me. In February of 2006, after a visit with my family doctor, I found out I had a problem in my lower back. After x-rays, a visit with a neurologist and an MRI it was recommended that I do 6 weeks of therapy and 4 weeks of exercises. I felt somewhat better but not as good as new. After being off work for 11 weeks, I went back to work. Within 3 weeks I was in so much pain I was not able to work. A good friend of mine suggested that I see a chiropractor (specifically Dr. Huxford). I told him that I had never been to a chiropractor. He said, “give him a try, he took good care of me.” I took his advice and called your office and set up an appointment. I remember meeting and talking with you about my problem. You looked me in the eye and told me, I will not make promises I cannot keep; but I think that we can help you. It will take some time. Looking back in my first appointment, I could hardly walk into your office. Now, I am back to work and also hunting and fishing. Life is good. Dr. Huxford, you are good people. God Bless You and Your Staff.